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早幾日東方日報有介紹這間餐館,於是今晚決定食泰國菜 🙂


油鬆餅 HKD$30

油鬆餅 HKD$30

馬拉盞炒通菜不過不失,但顯然沒有我印象中在Cupertino那間馬來西亞餐館Layang Layang食到的馬拉盞炒通菜般好食

馬拉盞炒通菜 HKD$60

馬拉盞炒通菜 HKD$60

泰式炒金邊粉 a.k.a Pad Thai….這個老實說,有點兒失望。其實回來香港之後我很少吃Pad Thai,但以前讀書的時候,幾乎每次光顧Thai restaurant都會點Pad Thai。不是因為我對Pad Thai情有獨鍾,而是面對餐牌上眾多的菜式而又拿不定主意,又害怕試新菜式會踩中地雷,這樣的話點Pad Thai一定最安全LOL  但今晚這碟Pad Thai總令我覺得沒有我以前吃過的那麼好吃

泰式炒金邊粉 HKD$70

泰式炒金邊粉 HKD$70

泰式紅咖哩,有雞、牛、豬、什菜供選擇,我們最後選了泰式紅咖哩配牛肉 =D 味道還不錯

泰式紅咖哩 (with beef) HKD$75

泰式紅咖哩 (with beef) HKD$75

最後來到全晚最被受賞的泰式冬蔭辣花螺。花螺粒粒都夠大,我數過了一共有23粒花螺。$68有23粒花螺絕對抵食啦! 鍾意食辣人士一定不能錯過。

泰式冬蔭辣花螺 HKD$68

泰式冬蔭辣花螺 HKD$68

是日消費金額 HKD$303 + HKD$30.3(10% service charge) = HKD$333

人均消費 HKD$166.5



How come Mario can smash through bricks, yet he dies when he touches a turtle????????????????????

Perhaps it’s time to get off your electronic devices and open up to those around you =]


Live simply

Love generously

Care deeply

Speak kindly

I hope it rains for a few more days

I just can’t get enough of it 🙂


Have I ever told you how much I love the rain?

The weather in October is positively autumnal 🙂

Even now, every time when I heard someone saying the word “Fall” ( obviously he/she was referring to the Fall season), it quite caught me out…..

and I thought “who fell?”   lol

Personally I do say autumn more than fall

Don’t you think “Autumn” is much more poetic?



so….I guess I should take a vacation in September next year

I am so broke now….


Happy Birthday to

Eli, Tracy, Vivien, Anne, Debbie, Joey, Kimmy, Lauren, Ruby

September 11, 2001

Aug.18th, 2010

You don’t choose your family.  They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

— Desmond Tutu