My mom called this afternoon



Mom: What do you want for your birthday?

Me: Hmm? My birthday next year? Isn’t it too early, mom?

Mom: Not next year, I mean the one it just passed.

Me: Oh

Mom: Better late than never, right?

Me: Right =..=




I’ve forgotten since when my parents stopped giving me birthday present

They usually deposited money into my bank account on my birthday instead of giving me presents

I didn’t mind though

I can buy whatever I want with the money

Sometimes I would give them a wish list

But it turned out I got something else, things that always out on my list

When I told my mom I wanted a new watch for my 16th birthday, she gave me a white gold necklace

When I told my mom I wanted a new digital camera for my 15th birthday, she brought me a new PC

See? The wish list is for my reference, not for my parents

So money is the best option in this case

Though I know I won’t get what I want from my parents ( 99.99% from my previous experiences)

I kept making a list every year just for myself 🙂

Perhaps someone will give me what I want some day

Here we go……………..

My wish list this year:

#1 - Kindle

Reason: less paper usage = save the earth

#2 - iPod touch

Reason: music, video, game…I like all in one

#3 - Blackbird Fly

Reason: digital is good, but I am still a huge fan of  film

#4 - Nintendo dsi

Reason: do I need a reason?

#5 - Super Mario Bros.

Reason: again, do I need a reason? 🙂

#6 - Toshiba 1.0 TB external hard disk

Reason: my 500GB Buffalo is almost full

#7 - A trip to Taiwan

Reason: I was thinking about a backpack trip to Tibet this summer, but I know my parents would never let me…so Taiwan maybe

#8 - Queen sized mattress

Reason: I just got bored of my twin sized. I prefer King sized actually, but everything in King sized is more expensive. When can I say goodbye to my twin sized? Sigh…*